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Smart Home Perfected

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Smart Home Perfected

Smart Home Perfected located California Ave SW, Seattle, WA, 98116, Seattle, . Less than 1 km from the center of Seattle
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At Smart Home Perfessed, nestled in the bustling heart of Seattle, WA, we understand that navigating home automation can sometimes be as cloudy as our Pacific Northwestern skies. If your peaceful home ambiance is interrupted by your Alexa device displaying a persistent yellow glow asking yourself why is my alexa blinking yellow? – fear not. Our specialized team is equipped to guide you through resolving such quirks including instructions on how to turn off yellow light on Alexa, returning tranquility to your household. For those who've noticed their device showcasing an ‘alexa green light’ or if perplexed by prompts like 'why does my nest says delayed', we're just a call away from providing expert assistance. With Smart Home Perfessed at your service, mastering the convenience and innovation of smart technology becomes second nature. Services: Smart Living Entertainment Security Hub & Network Business Email:
  • 385-312-0189
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