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Silvestre Tile Inc.

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Silvestre Tile Inc.

Silvestre Tile Inc. located 6 Pine Valley Rd, Hyannis , MA , 02601, Halifax, . Less than 1 km from the center of Halifax
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When searching for a flooring contractor in Hyannis, Silvestre Tile Inc.'s unparalleled expertise stands out as the go-to provider for exceptional tile installation services across the region. Renowned for outstanding workmanship and an unwavering commitment to excellence, we equip your spaces with floors that are aesthetically pleasing and resilient against time and wear. The quest for an experienced tile contractor near me ends with our seasoned professionals who consider no job too big or small; every task is approached with equal zeal and finesse. A well-respected name when it comes to flooring contractor Hyannis, Silvestre Tile Inc.'s fusion of quality materials and advanced techniques ensures perfection down to the very last tile. Our portfolio showcases an exquisite range of installations crafted according to clients' visions, making us a trustworthy choice within the community for anyone in need of premium flooring solutions steeped in elegance and functionality.
  • (508) 593-1937
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